About us

Denise DiNorscia Williams, a 30 year marketing veteran and entrepreneur, was living in the Silicon Valley (San Jose, CA) in the height of the .com boom.  The east coast marketing agency for which she worked full time relocated her to the West coast to support a new technology client, and it was there in the heart of tech land she conceptualized Bellapizzelle, the beautiful cookie company.  She continued to lead marketing innovation, but on the side, she organically grew a small self-funded start up to a formidable artisanal cookie company, a true pioneer of the authentic Italian specialty cookie in a small-batch manufacturing environment. She launched Bellapizzelle in 2002 in her mother’s kitchen, then built a custom pizzelle kitchen in 2004 in her home. For the last 18 years, she has improved recipes, processes and has acquired retail customers via web and most recently, has expanded a wholesale channel for specialty stores and a French Chocolatier

Denise’s family on both sides is filled with restauranteurs and chefs. A few of them include Kim Strengari, Sam Cavelli, Guglielmo Ianni, and Theresa Ianni

As for the pizzelle, the cookie in its true form (also known as Neole or Feratella) originated in Abruzzo Italy. The DiNorscia family immigrated to Maine from the Abruzzo region of central Italy and took the pizzelle recipe with them. 

The family lived in Penne, a town in the province of Pescara. Penne is situated in the hills between the Apennine Mountains and the Adriatic Sea. As an au Pair couple, the late Sopino and Frances Gale DiNorscia worked for clients in Madison, Maine. Later, Sopino was involved in the logging industry, and then the agricultural interests of the DiNorscia’s drove them to reside later in Kennett Square, PA, known as the mushroom capital of the world.  

Denise’s father worked along his father’s newly found passion of mushroom growing, and later inherited the business which he worked hard to make successful until his retirement in 1978.  The entrepreneurial spirit of Anthony (Little Tony) DiNorscia carried on in Denise (Dede), who continues to bring innovation and superior customer service to her constituency. 

Bellapizzelle has created an emotional bond with customers – that which makes for an irresistible connection and indestructible brand.