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Welcome to the Old World pizzelle experience. Unlike the store brands that represent the “cracker category”, our artisanal cookies are authentic, full of flavor, and hand baked to perfection the old fashioned way – in pizzelle irons, lots of them.

Florentine Lace


The real thing! Not that waxy imitation of a Florentine Lace cookie! Melted milk chocolate sandwiched between two delicious almond wafers, with a splash of rum — never to be found in any store. Quite addictive!

Each package contains one dozen cookies.

Our traditional recipes include the highest quality ingredients.


You won’t see these cookies on any website – or at any store for that matter. Maybe you’ll find a bakery in an Italian district that has a variation – but honestly, they aren’t the traditional specialties we had way back when.  We are preparing these cookies as part of a dessert tray for showers, weddings, graduation parties, or other special occasions.

Custom orders and corporate gifts can be arranged easily with a phone call 484-614-4639 or email denise@bellapizzella.com.

For special events, corporate gifts, or gift cookie trays, we offer Pizzelle and Forgotten Cookies of Italy

Additional information

Weight 25 oz
Dimensions 16.5 × 15 × 5.5 in


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