Pizzelle 101

You’ll see mass-produced pizzelles in stores, but they are not pizzelles.  Large presses at high volumes just don’t produce this traditional cookie in its original form.  And at mass efficiencies, those pizzelles are loaded with additives and preservatives that our grandpeople did not imagine, nor would feed to their families.  And the end result of mass production is a less-than-stellar cookie that is not authentic but made fast so that the big manufacturer can make the big bucks. 

Sadly, many people don’t know the difference. But we do. And so do our customers. 

Sometimes pizzelles break.  If more than three break in the package, we can assume the shipping carrier has played football with our boxes. 

Do keep your pizzelles wrapped air-tight at all times. 

Try pizzelles as sandwiches with gelato in the middle. 

Pizzelles are great to dip into cannoli mix for a great (fast) dessert.

Break a pizzelle and stick into a scoop of icecream and top with whipped cream and fresh strawberries. 

Pizzelles are delicious with a Nutella spread.

Pizzelles are great for breakfast with espresso, cappuccino, or coffee. 

Customers tell us they eat pizzelles with wine or champagne.

Get fancy and dip your pizzelles in melted white or milk chocolate and crushed nuts (if you’re not allergic).

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