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A Bittersweet Fall

At this moment, as explosive devices are being sent to multiple locations across the country and a hurricane hits Mexico and protesters desperate for change march all over the world and having several dear friends pass away over the last couple of days, I find it hard to write about cookies. Having lost my own mother recently, I am hard-pressed sometimes to see the lighter side of life although I have a firm hope for the future.  My thought today, as always, stop waiting.  Live every day to the fullest, and live in the present. Cherish every moment with loved ones because in a second, things can change.  And they do.  From our kitchen to you, Ciao Bella.   

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Welcome to the new Bellapizzelle!

Our pizzelles are still BELLA pizzelles. We're still finding a good balance between thin but durable to withstand shipping (and Fedex handlers). The cookies are still infused with the best oils and extracts out of NY. We've got bigger, better mixing equipment that ensures a smooth and consistent batter -- sometimes a feat if you're not "mass" producing. But here's what's new -- our branding and website! Our packaging will change completely during December when we deplete inventories. And, we have a new cookie line -- The Forgotten Cookies of Italy. If you are a descendant of Abruzzo, you will know these cookies that the grandpeople made at holiday time. And while it may have been a special time, our motto...

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