Who was that masked man? (A guy who went the extra mile.)

For anyone who knows us, we bake a lot.

We cook a lot.

We love to create.

But add to that activity COVID 19, and we have a recipe for appliance disaster. 

Anyone else experiencing appliance fatigue?

Well our refrigerator fiasco over the last three years was no picnic.  We were part of a warranty scam that kept us knee-high in unused parts from a variety of different repairmen who kept "misdiagnosing" the symptoms and ordering new parts, none of which were used nor necessary.  (Thanks Sears.) We finally had no choice but to spring for a brand new refrigerator. 

Most recently, the LG oven panel stopped working. Go ahead and press the buttons on this sleek digital panel -- nothing. Pull the breaker to reset and try again.  Nothing.

Use a pencil.

Hit it a couple times.

Say a prayer.

We finally called a repairman who told us that these panels go "all the time."  He informed us that we needed a new panel for $700.  We said there's no way we're buying a new panel on a two-year-old double oven.  We contacted the manufacturer and they sent us a new panel for free and a no-cost repair visit.  The repairman came, replaced the panel (for free) and left. 

Now let's get back to what we do.

We are ready to hit the ground running....but then again, after a false sense of security, the oven stopped roasting. The Speed Roast feature just stopped.  No heat. No roast. No nothing.

We at first thought it was another panel problem.  After perusing YouTube for the solution to the problem, we saw the one that we thought matched our oven.  So we took the oven apart ourselves, only to find that the insides were very different from the oven on YouTube. (If you knew how nontechnical we are when it comes to appliances, you would have advised the same as us.) Forget it let's just buy a new one. 

Off to shop for a new oven 

A trip to Best Buy produced a similar double oven but we learned something.  The salesperson said NOT to buy an oven with the heat vent in the back.  Why? Because the heat somehow burns out the panel.  So he led me to a pricey double oven with a heat vent in the front.  We signed off on the pricey oven and figured we had to take our lumps. 

As it turns out, due to COVID, the warehouses were having trouble delivering ovens and we would have to wait a couple of months.  WHAT?? So we decided we couldn't wait and needed one immediately. 

I wrote to the president of LG and asked "Who will stand behind your products?" You see I purchased the oven at Lowe's but they uttered the typical generic response "Did you buy a warranty?"  They will not stand behind the product.  The local repair people only want me to buy new parts and pay for the replacement. They don't stand behind the parts. Best Buy led me to the path of bright and shiny. But they won't take responsibility for anything outside a warranty.  What do I do with a now three-year-old oven? Send it to the landfill?  

LG responds 

I was notified that we were assigned a repair person who actually had knowledge and skills to repair the oven. (Really? For real?)

He came. He observed the issue and found faulty wiring. He took his time and assured me that the heat vent had nothing to do with the panel.  (He said some of these sales guys don't understand the mechanics of the machines.)

Going the extra mile, he left for a few minutes to run to the hardware store to pick up what he needed to actually repair the problem.  He then carefully rewired the oven, and tested it to make sure it worked.  He gave me his card just in case anything went wrong.  His name is John Shehan and he is an LG Direct Mobile Service Technician.  Professional, skilled and masked. 

Just wanted to shout out and note that there are a few good repairmen out there. It was a long and frustrating journey, but I'll echo the company's mantra "Life's good." 

Advice here is to go back to the manufacturer if you can to get to the root of the problem. Masks required ;)


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