Save the pumpkin for the pie. (Not the pizzelle.)

I actually love pumpkin.  I love to pick the pumpkin right out of the patch and enjoy making delicious pumpkin bread, cake, and of course, my signature pie. I just can't bring myself to make a pizzelle with pumpkin in it.  I love seasonal eats, but this is something that I had never heard of. 

One day on Instagram, I saw a variety of posts displaying pumpkin pizzelles. I decided to ask the experts in Abruzzo Italy -- cousins and friends who actually live there and make the famed "Neole" or "Ferratelle."  In that region of Italy, there are soft and crunchy pizzelles. There are sweet and savory pizzelles. There are orange and lemon pizzelles. But there are no pumpkin pizzelles. (They did add they would like to try them.)

And so my story ends here. If they're not authentic, we don't make em. 

Ciao Bella,




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