Love the Hands that Made it

I recently heard this quote from a marketing conference. The speaker asked a friend why he used a particular specialty soap and not a big name brand.  The friend responded "I love the hands that made it."


There was a story behind the brand that meant more than big corporate. 

We feel this way about Bellapizzelle, and we want you to love the hands that make our cookies.

A few questions to ponder:

  • Would you rather bite into a corporate profit center or a small business? 
  • Do you prefer a mass produced cookie or a handmade-to-order custom cookie?
  • Does big corporate know you and respond quickly or can you text a small business owner with a custom order and have it answered immediately. 

We have a handful of skillful workers that support our business.  (Some don't even want to be paid but we do pay them!)  There are a couple of chefs, efficient packagers, a manufacturing expert, and one deaf person, who like many deaf, has laser vision when it comes to quality assurance.  Our goal is to put folks to work who need work and who want to be "hands on" the business. 

Thanks for staying in touch. 

Ciao Bella

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