Let's Jump Start the Economy

Unprecedented times we're living in. It's hard to imagine what's happening on the front lines when all of us at Bellapizzelle are self-quarantining and seeing things from afar, like press conferences, TV news, and publicized governance. 

We hope that this blog finds you well rested at home, and safe and far enough away from other humans to remain healthy.  

We hope that those who are struggling from any perspective during this disease regain strength. 

This Just In

We're hearing concerns from our distributor and our stores and getting some with special requests. We also just received an email from someone with a bit of a "sweet tooth."  She mentioned she is "starving" for pizzelle! 

Do you find yourself starving for something sweet?  If not, what is your comfort food?  Tell us what you are craving! 

For those of you who love pizzelle, you know that our Italian ancestry did not use a lot of sugar in cookies.  Growing up, we preferred American cookies like Oreo and Keebler because of the sweetness.  Pizzelle and biscotti were sort of blah, dry, and cause for a scoop of ice cream on top. 

I started thinking about a sweet tooth.  Could a sweet tooth actually jump start the economy?  Follow my logic.  If we all ate more pizzelles, what could happen? 

  • UPS and USPS could get a bump
  • You may gain a few pounds and perhaps Nutrisystem could benefit
  • You may trigger a cavity or two and dentists may reopen
  • Maybe your sugar will escalate that will give you renewed energy to support your community in some way

I am humoring myself as a temporary fix while in crisis mode. However, if you do order pizzelles -- anytime from now through April 2020, use this discount code SWEET TOOTH and get $5.00 off your order. No limits. Maybe that's your temporary fix, or maybe it's a nice gift to someone you care about. 

Can we jump start something here?  If nothing more, tell me your comfort food. (I need some new ideas.) 

Stay well. Stay hydrated. Stay away from other people. 

Ciao Bella


PS.  If you order, get $5.00 off your order using the code SWEET TOOTH.


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