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Who was that masked man? (A guy who went the extra mile.)

For anyone who knows us, we bake a lot. We cook a lot. We love to create. But add to that activity COVID 19, and we have a recipe for appliance disaster.  Anyone else experiencing appliance fatigue? Well our refrigerator fiasco over the last three years was no picnic.  We were part of a warranty scam that kept us knee-high in unused parts from a variety of different repairmen who kept "misdiagnosing" the symptoms and ordering new parts, none of which were used nor necessary.  (Thanks Sears.) We finally had no choice but to spring for a brand new refrigerator.  Most recently, the LG oven panel stopped working. Go ahead and press the buttons on this sleek digital panel -- nothing....

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Late to the Party

No one likes to be late for the party, unless you're fashionably late.  Or if you're the one hosting the party, and your guests arrive late, it may require some jockeying to accommodate them. We are a little bit of both -- finally arriving to the gluten-free party (after years of questions whether we make them) and trying to accommodate important dietary requirements (or preferences) of our customers.  We are happy to say, we are here. We now offer gluten-free options for anise and vanilla pizzelle stacks.  I have to admit, growing up on everything gluten -- bread, pasta, baked goods -- it's a hard cookie to bite.  We are snobs to gluten-free anything, especially pasta. (Oh the homemade pasta,...

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The Last of the Mohicans

A friend came to visit and while she was in town, she wanted to know if I had a preferred cobbler.  I immediately thought "well peach cobbler is one of my favorites."  She was talking about a good shoemaker lol :) I responded that I did but he was about an hour away and very busy. It could take a month to get her shoes back.  But I promised to find another who could do repairs faster -- maybe even same-day fast.  After a local search of nearby cobblers, there was only one in the area that I had never used before but close enough for fast service. I immediately called and asked if it was possible to get a couple...

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