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BellaPizzelles – Authentic Italian & Made To Order

BellaPizzelles – Authentic Italian & Made To Order
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BellaPizzelle Gift Packages

BellaPizzelle Gift Packages
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BellaPizzelle Special Products

BellaPizzelle Special Products
  • Hot Off The Iron!

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    Not on the Hamster Wheel

    There’s something to be said for being home, in the kitchen, baking cookies with your mother. We retired Lucy a while ago after her fall, but lo and behold, she is back to the Bellapizzelle bakery, determined not to be defeated. As we look around th[read more...]

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    Oh no! I forgot the bread!

    The cheese board is loaded with Cheddars, Port Wine, Goat, sweet Sopressata, olives, fig, and a variety of artisanal crackers and breads.  Dry red and white wine bottles are primed. The bar is prepared with ice buckets, cocktail glasses, napkins. Jar[read more...]

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    It's in the Genes

    The four of us had lunch the other day:  Lucy, my sister Theresa, her daughter Jenny, and me.  As we chatted and got caught up with life and peered into the menus, it dawned on me how similar we all are. Despite the areas we live in, the work we've d[read more...]

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    The Instant Gratification Generation

    Years ago the old Italians would line up for production in the kitchen to make a variety of hand-made foods too time-consuming for one person.  A few of these are Stromboli, Ravioli, and the sweet stuffed cushions known as Calciunette.  One person wo[read more...]

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    A generation is going, and a generation is coming....

    I knew the day would come when Lucy wouldn't be able to stand beside me in this business anymore. None of us could have imagined it because, frankly, the business was really for her. It was a time for her to finally do something "she" wanted to do in[read more...]

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  • The Beautiful Cookie Company

    Authentic Italian specialty cookies handmade to order!

    Enjoy the Old-World taste of real Italian pizzelles, crunchy Italian cookies that make great gourmet gifts. FREE hand-written gift card and FREE pizzelle history in every tube!

    Once we receive your order, we bake within 48 hours and ship. Satisfaction guaranteed! Order online or call us at 866.858.6384.

    Ciao, Denise DiNorscia Williams, Owner, BellaPizzelle

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